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Our trainers


Currently we have a team of approximately 25 trainers with one of the lowest rates of staff turnover in the industry. The trainers who support us are qualified and experienced, and are treated with dignity and respect. They are motivated by their own professionalism and the highest rates of payment in Europe. This is how we can provide stable, long-term training solutions to companies both large and small.

Meet some of our trainers here.


With extensive experience in Law, Finance and Business Management, our core team offer highly specialised and tailored training solutions for any company, large or small.


Andrew was a lawyer and notary public for over 25 years in England. His entertaining style of teaching in areas such as commercial contract drafting, company law and intellectual property is very popular, particularly with the younger lawyers in many of Hamburg’s international law firms. He also assists lawyers working in the legal departments of companies.


Tom is an Australian who has an economics degree from Sydney University. He started his career in commercial finance and after several years changed to managing his own businesses. He owned a software development company and a manufacturing business before coming to Germany in 2004, and specialises in business, finance, IT and engineering English training. Since 2005 he has trained managers of some of the most well-known companies in Hamburg.

igor200x204IGOR MERELES

Igor is an accomplished linguist (he speaks seven languages and teaches four), and has lived all over the world, from Sao Paolo, to Switzerland, to Slovenia! Igor co-ordinates our Other Languages programme, and consults on our cross-cultural awareness seminars. He is our most experienced and talented trainer, and also a valuable advisor for companies who need to know the different types of Spanish spoken around the globe, especially for websites and company documents.


Kate Poturica is from California and graduated cum laude from Yale University with a degree in linguistics and cultural anthropology. As a linguistics student, she taught advanced-level English to visiting professors from foreign countries. She has also assisted with linguistics research at the Salk Institute, studied translation at UCLA and studied sign language linguistics at Gallaudet University. A Fulbright grant for research on second language acquisition brought her to Hamburg in 2004 and she decided to remain here to work as a teacher, translator, editor and relocations consultant.